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Become a Hoarder

Hoarders are the people who kindly help out by storing the donations of toiletries we get. Spare rooms, attics, basements, boxes under beds. Whether you have a little space or an office closet, your space can help.

You need to be prepared to receive donations to your address. Corporate hoarders can choose to store items only for the company they work for or may allow drop-offs from local people. You can also be a low-key hoarder and just collect toiletries from your family and friends.

Hoarders are also responsible for helping to build relationships with their local charities that may be in need of soap4all packs.

Committment: About 10 hours per month (Additional volunteers may be required to support a hoarders efforts based on demand)


We need Packers

Packers are the people that very kindly give up an evening or a few hours one afternoon to organize all the items that have been collected into lovely little soap4all packs. This is usually great fun and a chance to socialize while doing something very worthwhile. Sometimes we are asked to put specific items in packs or to omit certain things and other times we just make up packs based on what we have.

This is a great activity for groups and other associations who have regular meetings. Why not devote one of your meetings to helping to create packs. Since all toiletries are new and unopened, with some adult supervision this is a great activity to get children involved in. Philanthropy right from the start, that’s the way to go!

Join a group who sit on the floor and put together small bags with one tooth brush, one bottle of shampoo etc.

Commitment: About 2-4 hours per month.

Be a Boxer

Boxers typically work in an office with access to people that frequently travel for business or pleasure. They place a drop box (right now this is err…just a box, but we have big ideas for future drop boxes!) somewhere in the office, often behind the reception desk. Boxers are responsible for telling staff about soap4all so that they can then drop off toiletries on the way into work. Once the box is full the Boxer will contact us or a local hoarder and arrange for collection. In some instances a Boxer can also be a Hoarder, so the box stays at the office and once a month or over a lunch break staff work together to package up individual soap4all packs.

Commitment: About 1-2 hours per month


Corporate Support

Do you work somewhere with lots of staff travel? If you think you could champion a drop box at your place of work take a look at our corporate supporter guide.

Teach our children to give

Everything is learned behaviour. If we want our children to understand that everyone does not grow up with the privileges that they take for granted; that change starts with all of us and not a laissez-faire attitude; that help can come from anyone, anywhere at any time. ..then we must show them the way. 


We have a helpful Childrens Initaive pack for schools or parents that would like to use soap4all to start the conversation about giving. Get started with a School Letter

Universities & Colleges


Pickers volunteer to collect toiletries and drop boxes. This can easily be combined with the role of a hoarder or can be separate. The extent of what needs to be done really depends on the number of offices or shops that are in an area who have agreed to be a hoarder or have a drop box.  Pickers need to be drivers and to have their own vehicle. Boxes can be a bit heavy although there is usually someone willing to help. A big car trunk/boot or space on a passenger seat is needed for the boxes.

Pickers may also help to drop boxes of soap4all packs off  to local charitable organizations.

Approximate Commitment: 2-4 hours per month.


Talk it up
We need Pickers

Talkers help us to spread the word! Post on Facebook, Twitter and tell people you know. Encourage people to volunteer or donate or tell a charitable organization you know that they can get free soap4all toiletries packs. We do not have a marketing budget or a PR machine. It’s just us, so don’t underestimate how important this is. The more people who know about Soap4All, the more they will give and the more people we will help.

Promote to your colleagues, friends and family.

Commitment: Endless!



University Faculty and students of Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations get in touch if you would like to use soap4all as a live project, for research as part of a dissertation or to get work experience. More information

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