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What we do

Thousands of people sleep rough on cold dark and dangerous streets everywhere, every night. A shocking percentage of these are young people and children. They have nothing and what little they do have is quickly smelly and dirty. The lucky ones find their way to a shelter or charitable organisation that can help them with a shower, bed and sometimes clean clothes or an offer to wash their clothes for them. soap4all is just a small part of this equation. We help existing charities by providing them with packs of toiletries for their guests. How did they get here? Mistakes. Abuse. Missed mortgage payments. Unemployment. Addiction. Does it matter? We don’t think so.



We are so happy and grateful to have soap and clean water for ourselves and our families. We often take much for granted. Next time you are in a hotel not using the toiletries or throwing them away consider people for whom it is a luxury just to be clean.


Please give us your unopened, unwanted toiletries and we will make sure that they get to people who could really use them.

It’s so easy to walk past the homeless. We get immune to seeing suffering, but it is not normal. It is not right. Globally we have the means to eradicate poverty. soap4all reminds us of our responsibility to those with less. Treat our neighbour as we would want to be treated, and who is our neighbour? Everyone.


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