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Love Letters

Sending messages of hope to the Elderly

Our elderly are part of our community. I have never liked that they are often hidden away in care homes. Instead they should be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of life with huge glass windows looking out onto the world, still seen and still part of society.

While isolation is now important for our elderly it is vital that we reduce the negative effects of loneliness and social isolation at this time.  

Before Covid half a million elderly people spent Christmas alone.

What will that look like this year? 

This initiative is In honor of my friend Rachel and her 95 year old Nana who she is now not allowed to visit.

Ways to help

Write a letter. Hand written is best. 

Post or Email to us at

We will print over the weekend and send to the care homes we are partnered with.
Hints: Add pictures and interesting stories. Imagine this was your grandma? A care home professional may be reading your letter to someone. Add some joy to an otherwise dull day!

Write lots of letters. Get your school or work place involved. Print out your letters and we will give you an address to send them to. 

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